Wednesday, June 27


I am a better person because I read Dooce. O totally doesn't get it, I tell him all about her adorable daughter, and how she does all these funny things, he says I must have a lot in common with her to appreciate her point of view so much...I think that is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, that is why I am gonna marry that boy. No, seriously, I have read all the archives (it took some time, I am not like, stalking her) if you have a life that includes life, then you will love her too.


  1. i totally stalked her when i first found out about her (sfgirlbybay introduction) i sat up one saturday night, perusing past archives. she's one of the most talented writers i've seen in a long time. and damn funny.

  2. michelle harrodJune 28, 2007

    Michi, (I feel like I HAVE to call you that so it appears that I'm your friend!)

    I read her, too. Although I don't know how I found out about her. I'm a little jealous that I don't have the writing talent to support my entire family from a website. But how awesome if I could! Another I love is othejoys(at)blogspot(dot)com. Different writing style, but usually hilarious. I relate to her parenting stories and she's a Georgia girl.

    Michelle (I'm a "Shelley", but my father did call me "Michi-do" as a child. wierd)

  3. There are so many of us who are completed obsessed with reading Dooce... I check every day (after having read all of the archives) and feel completely disappointed on the days that she doesn't write!

  4. Oh that is soo funny, I do the same, I am mad at myself for having read the archives so fast, I should have savored them! She did update today, as usual, cute as can be.

  5. I'm an avid Dooce reader as well.


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