Folly Cove

There was an article in last month's vogue about Virginia Lee Burton, children's book author and illustrator who also founded the Folly Cove Design Collective. I love the folksy block prints.


  1. AnonymousMay 23, 2008

    Oh- she wrote/illustrated the Little House book?? I love her designs.

  2. I read that article too. I have been terribly interested in the old-school style of print fabrics and found the article fascinating. I always like reading about women achieving such great success in the 1930's/40's. (when women were more likely to be "in their place" in the kitchen and so on)

    And, gosh, wasn't she so striking? Such a pretty woman.

  3. these are wonderful! i love the 'fern' print on the website.

  4. I love these prints, I haven't heard of her before thanks for sharing

  5. Thanks for the introduction. These prints are gorgeous.


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