Friday, October 17

I changed my wedding shoes...

They hurt too much, I wore them to a fitting and wanted to kick them off! NO WAY am I putting up with that on my wedding I got these two inch heals from JCrew, they may not be exactly what I wanted, but baby, they are low and comfy and cute.

update: Ok, still too high and not so comfy after all, so I got some cute strappy sandals that are really low, like 1.5 inches. This is good, sort of old lady, but at least I will by comfy.


  1. what a fun lil wedding shoe!!!

  2. Aren't you smart for taking the first pair for a test drive! I hadn't thought of that and ended up with some sore tootsies on my wedding day. What an awesome pick for your replacements.

  3. I just love these!! They're so adorable!!

  4. I have the same shoes, in yellow, and I'm pretty sure they're 3", not two. Also, make sure to try them for a few hours - I wore them to a wedding recently and found they were good for the first two hours, but had to switch to flats after that.

  5. Oh, these are as sweet as candy! I'd love to have these shoes myself. :) But you're certainly right to choose the comfiest shoes possible for your wedding day; after all, you don't want to think about your aching feet that day...

  6. LOVE these!

    also, i posted about yellow flats for wedding shoes today, if you're interested, i think they're so cute:


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