Tuesday, August 4

This painting just changed my life

...seriously, I LOVE it, wow, hmmm, now I am inspired to do a triptych on wood....gotta go!


  1. holaa~ i saw this and thought of you: http://uniformstudio.bigcartel.com/product/spring-gossamer-scarf-in-yellow-gold

    that color!

  2. Gorgeous painting! I can’t help myself but notice your beautiful dinning set. The tables and chairs so as the carpet is stunning.

  3. That’s a wonderful painting and it’s huge. The painting colors are stunning. No doubt that you are so inspired on this one.

  4. So curious to see what you decided about the green!

  5. wow, that is beautiful! where did you find it?

  6. Beautiful pictures...
    thanks for sharing....

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