Monday, February 14

Hot, right?

Happy love day dorks. Since I love you guys so much, here is a discount code for you.
Just type in: "Luveyou" in my store to get 20% off of anything! (of course not off of the canvases I sell through the gallery, but you get the idea.)


  1. Hairy Love Day to you, Babe!

  2. If you really loved us you would not show us a picture like that.
    Yuck. It's gonna take a while to get over that.

  3. Such a bad idea. BAD.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you! Hope your eyes land on something pretty!

  4. SEX-Y is all I have to say!

  5. You are so RAD for posting this.

  6. :-) Back to the blogging world and you're one of the first pretty blogs I've visited. Great pic... and awesome to see you so successful!


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