Celine....CELINE People!

So did you know that when you "make an offer" on eBay that you actually are committing to buy said item if the seller accepts the offer? I didn't. I made a low ball offer, on a whim on a bag...and now I own that bag. Good thing I actually really wanted it! Good thing no one else has ever accepted the offers I made on crazy stuff I didn't know I actually would have had to buy. I told O what I did and he laughed. How many times have I accidentally bought things on eBay? Like five times at least! I used to have software that would make bids for me, and it took me a while to figure out how to use it.

Lesson here is read instructions dummy. Also, you can get really amazing prices on designer bags if you make low ball offers. Just be ready to buy it. I have been eyeing this bag for over a year. I still remember the first time I saw it...how dramatic! I would never consider paying full price, or even half price! So I kinda can't believe its mine. I named it birdie, I named her birdie. I think it looks so sweet with my booties too.


  1. Painfully gorgeous. Beauty, thy name is Celine.

  2. I loved that you named her. I have a big, black, curly-haired labradoodle named Birdie. Your Birdie looks like a very special envelope for secret and important things!


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