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This morning I woke up so energized. It helps that on Wednesday through Friday we have either my mom, Mercedes, or O's mom Linda staying with us. They graciously take the night and early morning feedings and we sleep in until 9 or 10am. Sheer bliss. I really wanted to get up and just clean the house, cook and take care of Alia. This has been pretty much my every day desire. I realized all of a sudden that its just a re-channeling of my creative energy since I am not really painting too much right now. Usually I have to paint most days, but I have set up my business to create passive income (you know, licensing and stuffing my galleries and retailers with paintings so they can be selling and generating income while I take my maternity leave). I have not been feeling stressed out about not creating new work to sell. I know that time will come, and it will feel magical to flex my painting muscles. But for now I am so happy to be puttering around the house.

This is the room that started me thinking about a dark children's bedroom. I went to check out this paint "Cooled Lava by Benjamin Moore" but its bleck in Alia's room. I love the low light, the way the green goes against the wall color, the art and the trim on the walls. 

One creative project that I am excited about at home is Alia's room. So far I just have inspiration images, and I am almost decided on a paint color. Her room is tricky because it is very dark, it has one window that doesn't really let in much sunlight. The rest of our house is flooded in light.

Alias Room:

1. It is large, with tall ceilings. 13x13 feet, plus 10ft. ceilings.
2. Low natural light, one window.
3. Very old floors that are drafty and rough under foot.
4. Has very good temperature control. Cool in the summer, and toasty in the winter.
5. Tucked away in the house, so it has good noise buffering.

I am looking forward to showing you photos once I get her room going!
Here is what I think so far:

1. Flor carpet tiles. We used then in our office and it is amazing how cozy it is. I like using this insulation layer first, then use the Flor tiles over it. This pattern.

2. Wall color. I have been seduced by many colors, and spent way too much on sample pots (that I use in my paintings anyway, so I just don't worry about that). I am pretty sure its going to be either Farrow and Ball Pelt, or Brinjal



Brinjal is more burgundy, and Pelt is more purple. Like I said the room is dark, so I maintain that a dark paint is in order! I think these photos show that bright colors, as you often find in children's rooms will pop and actually look amazing against a dark wall:

So the theme for her room is victorian darkness and moodiness (layers, rich textiles, dark walls, vintage furniture, plants) with pops of bright colors and shapes (think chartreuse lampshades, geometric art, more funky art that you might not expect for a child's room).

Tomorrow my trusty contractor, Scott is coming over to build a cabinet/thingy not sure exactly yet for a murphy bed that we bought a almost a year ago! I think its a good idea to make Alias room also a guest room. Its where our moms sleep when they visit, and when Alia is older, and we have a guest come for a while she can sleep in our room and our guest will have a nice room, right next to their own bathroom. When we don't need the bed in that room, it will be up and look like a cabinet! I personally think murphy beds are genius and now that we have our old queen size Temperpidic mattress hanging around since we upgraded to a king, it will be a comfortable, roomy bed too.

Have you seen any dark children's bedrooms that you like?


  1. Check out Love her inspiration boards. Thumbs up for a dark room!!

  2. Yes, do it. I cannot wait for the results. :)

  3. Ooooh. I like where you are headed with this!

  4. I would choose the warmest of the two. Love the carpet


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