Thursday, July 12

Ernesto Caivano

Ernesto Caivano is brilliant. He was my first post, but I think I want share his work again. I love the idea of an epic, narrative theme to his work. These characters travel and there are battles and space travel too. His work is so dreamy yet strangely dark too.


  1. I love the line and free form quality to these pieces. I am glad you posted it again because i missed your first post unforunately.

  2. Yes!!!!I want to go tomorrow..I lost your number..eek

    e0mail me

    it is at the brooklyn collective tomorrow at seven? meet me?>

  3. The detail and line is so beautiful in these :)

  4. these are it!

  5. this is great, so beautiful!
    + i loved your toothpaste comment the other day, priceless.

  6. really wonderful stuff!

  7. you do know that his work is in Vitamin D yes?


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