Tag, I am it. OK, I have been tagged by Ma Vie en Rose.
I have to expose 7 dirty secrets, I mean, 7 regular secrets about myself and then tag 7 other unsuspecting blog-a-teers. Prepare to be shocked and awed!

1. I LOVE Abraham Lincoln, ever since I was a kid. I read every book I can about him, he is my role model.

2. Just like my tagger, Halloween was my fave holiday growing up. Any excuse to make funny noises and wear make-up. Once I was a cranky pregnant lady, and my brother was Watson, but everyone thought we were a couple, and once I was Carol Burnett.

3. I think of design in terms of problem solving, and I would like to work in a medium that distills that issue to it's most basic parts, pure and simple.

4. I hate cats, like if I see one from across town, my skin crawls. (but I am never mean to them)

5. When I am stressed I design things in my head, I even have my dream workshop in there, and I also created my dream apartment, and I remodel a lot, so much cheaper in my imagination.

6. I kinda wish I had gone to culinary school and become a personal chef.

7. I have Synesthesia, it means I associate all numbers and letter forms with colors, also emotions have colors and so forth. That is how I do math 6 is teal and 4 is violet and I just know they make 10 b/c of those two colors, I don't even think about the number 10. I can remember phone numbers I dialed 5 years ago just by thinking about the key pad and the colors. Crazy.

OK, I tag, Poof Your a Frog, Bloesem, Happy Cavalier, Hoping for Happy Accidents, Silk Felt Soil, Inside Design, Lena Corwin.


  1. hi michelle!
    thanks for the tag! so far i have kept my blog mostly all about design inspiration and not personal... so i'm going to think about whether i want to do it. but i really appreciate you thinking of me! : )

  2. I like the "but I'm not mean to them" clarification in the hating cats :) too funny.

  3. the cat clarification made me laugh as well.

  4. this tag game is inspiring!!! i have always been a fan of lists!

  5. i LOVE abe lincoln too!! i even want a son named lincoln. also, i had a huge crush on andrew jackson (he's hot on the 20 dollar bill)

  6. HAAA, beach, you are soo funny, I had not noticed Jackson, but I will check him out for sure. Lincoln is a great name!

  7. those were so interesting! thanks so much!


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