Wednesday, January 16

Fika for Michi

Today is just the day for a fika...alas there is too much work, so I am having my own solo little coffee break. I was so inspired be these fika finds on flickr, which were inspired by Camila on Design Sponge you see. Enjoy

Cake face.
Come over.


  1. hey michelle,

    where did you get that number mug? a friend of mine spotted one in a 70's interiors book a while back and has developed a mild obsession...i'd love to help her out!

  2. ha. just got that's not your photo...

  3. a proper coffee break is such a good idea. i'm usually typing with one hand and drinking tea with the other. that somewhat defeats the purpose of a 'break' i guess!

  4. third comment in one morning. wow.
    i bag tagged you. if you wanna play along, awesome. if not, no problem...

  5. i love that top set so much!


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