Friday, May 15


Whew, we are moved in, but haven't made any real progress since Monday, why? Because were are tired, tired as hell, and I destroyed my back, I can't even sit at this computer right now, and when O finds out I was sitting, and not laying, he will be mad. Anyhoo, I can't nest, but I saw these images over at SevenEight, and I am seriously thinking they will inspire a few paintings. Ahhh, to paint, if only I can rig some kind of laying down painting to rest.

We also finally got to pick our our Coco, who has been loving life over at Le Resort de Grandparents, poor Coco, now she is home with us, why is life so cruel?


  1. So sorry you hurt your back. Soak up the rest and let it be a break for you.
    I have always loved the Blumarine ads. The old ones were always really soft and surreal looking. Always so rich.
    Best wishes on everything.

  2. Oh, to live in a Whistler painting! Or a Blumarine advert!

  3. these images are beautiful! so lush and rich and inspirational

  4. So inspiring photos. These are beautiful and awesome. Like it!


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