Monday, October 12

My own classy ladder!

Um hello, yes please! This would do in our dining room, since it is a dining, slash hang out, slash library room. From Urban Home found via The Estate of Things, a new to me blog that I just looovvveee. Naturally, all my new fave blogs are home design, I am nesting like a big fat chicken.
To bad she is out of stock...

I messed up my upper traps (neck, back) again, then, cuz I was in a blinded by the pain kind of mood, I took wwaaayy too much Ibuprofen, and gave myself the heartburn. More like the Acid Reflux of the Devil Himself, that lasted for three days in a row. So I had time to sit in bed and look up things online. But I still can't hold my head up to paint, bummer.


  1. Hi.
    I'm so glad you checked out the estate of things. Wouldn't it would be so fun to have a library ladder!!?

    I enjoyed reading through your blog and checking out your Etsy shop!!

    Thanks for the fine compliments.

  2. That is one seriously awesome shelf/ladder combo. Girl, you gotta go easy on that neck of yours. Look up a yoga video while your surfing. ;)

  3. this is gorgeous! i'd like it even in a fun color, like a buttercream yellow!

  4. Wow I'm actually loving the armoire behind the ladder! I love how the wood inside isn't painted. That's hard to find.

  5. Love the ladder and armoire! Would look so fantastic filled with a mix of books, vases and mismatched dishes.


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