Thursday, October 29


Loving the jumbled up, super glamorous, grandmother's pearls' and chains gone bad. I remember years and years ago, seeing an article in Vogue about some new to the scene jeweler who was famous for making these jumbled up pieces, a customer of his said in the article, "My maid actually tried to untangle it for me!..." I turned my adolescent nose up. Now, I wish I had been cool enough to realize how bad ass it was.
Above, from Charm and Chain.

I love these two above from JCrew, especially the rose gold one...I think this is a must have for this year. Or maybe earlier next year?


  1. I really like the ones from Chain and Chain! Bib necklaces are my favorite this year. That and jersey braided necklaces.

  2. The Charm and Chain ones are gorgeous, even if they look like they weight a ton!

  3. my favorite this year. That and jersey braided necklaces
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