Tuesday, August 17

My Big Girl Bed

My dad came over last week to size up our windows, cuz he will be installing 6 new ones for us, thanks dad. While he was over, he did some handy man stuff (including showing me how to use a weed whacker), or more aptly, laughing while I butchered our yard, seriously it looks like a drunk guy tried to shave his head, except it was our yard he shaved. Yikes.

He lowered our dinning table, which was two inches too high and made your arms go numb over dinner, not hot. Put my Craig master bed together, it required extra wood from the Lowes to make a support b/c it was about .5 inches too wide for our box spring. Is this the same crazy alternate universe issue that makes all queen size duvets too large for my queen size down comforter? Speaking of alternate universes....The skull and Nina Sharp are doing the intergalactic shuffle (gasp) And Charlie is dead! I had a big night last night, can you tell.


  1. Your bedroom looks beautiful. You have such great style. Now, just throw that pooch on your bed and you will have the perfect shot for a magazine feature!

  2. It looks fantastic. I'm in the midst of reworking our own bedroom and am always on the lookout for more inspiration. We just purchased a lovely painting while in Asheville for the weekend and I couldn't decide whether or not to hang it above our new bed. You just cemented my decision. Up it goes.

    Now tell me about that intriguing coverlet. Love the graphic design.

  3. looks wonderful. love your bedding and of course the art.

  4. Ooh, I love it too! Y'all are so grown up! I love all of your bedding too. Our box spring wouldn't make it up the stairs when we moved here. Then we couldn't find a bed base that would fit our american size queen bed (they have different standard sizes) so our bed base is a wee bit smaller than our mattress. So annoying! It was either go too small or too big, so we went for a too small one so it wouldn't stick out all around the sides. Lord.

  5. Your bedroom is BEAUTIFUL!

  6. Your dad sounds adorable! I love when dads teach us grown-up diy things!


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