New Prints!!!

I have a bunch of new print offerings in the store as of right now! Available in sizes from 13x19 at 35usd, up to the largest one which is 48x60 at 500usd. Go check them out!

Laura, 13x19 or 36x48.

Hadrian, 13x19 or 36x36 or 48x48. Poster print or Canvas print with a 4 inch border for mounting.

FlyBy, 13x19 or 28x40 or 48x60. Poster print or Canvas print with a 4 inch border for mounting.

Millenium, 13x19 or 30x40. Poster print or Canvas print with a 4 inch border for mounting.

Halcyon...same deal....


  1. Gorgeous prints! Hadrian is my personal fav... must consider! LOVE the brushes & palette knife in the photos.

    1. Thank you! I love Hadrian too, I painted that thinking of a specific spot in my house I wanted it for..I need to paint another one.

  2. Yowza! 48 x 60?? I got to get on that one!

  3. Millenium is just spectacular. Hell, everything you touch is spectacular. Raw, pure talent. Girl, you're amazing.

  4. oh michelle, you're fabulous. can't wait to get a moment to hop back here and catch up on the blog and art!

    your newest follower.


  5. these are awesome! And I'm so glad you're offering these all in large print sizes since my budget isn't big enough for the real deal! Now I just need to pick one...

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