Look less like a Schlubb: Vince silk Henley Blouse

I don't buy clothes a lot, at least not actual wear-to-nice-events clothes. Aaaand by nice events I mean not the farmers market. Remember my "less schlubby" resolution?

I should preface this crazy obsessive post by telling you that my mother is a very talented seamstress. She can make a couture suit ya'll, that is perfect in every seam and fit. She taught me all about drape, and how shoulder seams are supposed to fit, and look, and how hems are meant to look, and fabric quality, composition and weight. Naturally this means I am crazy picky about clothes. So that said, I think this shirt may be worth the price tag, and will certainly be worth it if you can snatch it up when it goes on sale.

Vince Zip-Placket silk Henley Blouse, $285

1. The weight of the silk is very nice. Not a four ply, but it has a solid three ply weight. I usually pass silk tunic-y things right up because of the silk quality. It has to have weight! It also must have a little bit of stretch in it. A blouse that looks perfectly cut on you when you are standing still will probably pull and distort the shoulder seams after a day of wear, not to mention how uncomfortable it is to wear something that is constricting in the shoulders, especially if you live in a driving city! hello Atlanta

2. Neckline! This is so important because if it is a button situation then they pull because they never seem to consider the boobs in the design of the top do they! A straight slit with a rounded neck visually cuts off your neck, so unless you are very slender up there, it makes you look stumped. This neckline is perfect because of the zipper! The metal gives just enough weight to the opening to drape artfully, and it is totally customizable! You can wear it high at work, lower with no bra (a la french), or unzipped all the way with a pretty lace camisole under for dates. I wish the styling on this photo where chicer, and let you see the open neckline.

3. Cuffs. This number has snap cuffs, in a modern, industrial style. I wish that there was an "in between" button, like on men's shirts so that you can open the cuff buttons, but still have a tighter sleeve for the roll up option. This one has a very wide opening when unbuttoned, but it rolls up nicely, with a neat, tight roll due to the stretch in the silk.

4. Hemline. It comes down far enough to cover the bottom, but not so far as to cover where the bottom meets the legs. There are tons of tops made longer lately to accomodate the leggings as pants fiasco, but a classy tunic like this is not for wearing with leggings, but rather actual pants, or skirts. (this is a regular size medium, not dealing with a petite, or extra tall person here.) In the front it is long enough to cover even very low jeans, but it doesn't cover up the crotch, key in a tunic fit because you want to still look like a lady. (if you want a long tunic, it should be very light and sheer, to wear over jeans or pants, again, we are pretending the leggings as pants thing is not happening.) Notice the sides come up high, its a sportier look, and you will look leaner from the side because you are "slicing" your thigh.

5. Color. I really love this navy option because it isn't too blue, and looks very nice with black. Be careful you don't wear a necklace that snags the silk. The white is ethereal and would look stunning with delicate jewelry, like this.

It also comes in white, which is just so chic! I love a white silk top in a thicker silk, makes it slightly less sheer. Although this one is probably somewhat sheer, I wish I had skinny legs, I would wear it with leather pants!

6. For this price I would like to see french seams, but it has serged seams. You know when you look inside your blouse, and you see that the edges of the fabric are sewed with loopy thread to keep it from unraveling? Well thats a serged seam, its the cheapest. They did press it open, so it looks nice and straight when you wear it, but a french seam (when you sew the edges of the fabric together twice, so all you see inside looks like a ribbon of fabric, with no loopy thread) would have given it even more drape in the sides, and its just a nice touch.

I know, this is a crazy amount of detail right? But I can't help myself. What are your criteria for the perfect item? I bet you guys have ball'n tips.


  1. I would have never noticed that this shirt had a zipper if you had not pointed it out.
    Personally, I like a blouse to have some shape to it. I think that's because I am so small (I've never had any problem with my boobs pulling buttons open, if you know what I mean.) So I like to compensate by nipping in at the waist.
    But I totally feel you on the whole freedom of movement thing. There is nothing worse in a shirt that when you feel the seams constraining you every time you try to move.

    1. I know, you can't really tell in the photo that there is a zipper. I understand what you mean about a blouse with shape, its a hard line to straddle, comfort and shape sometimes isn't it? Well, in a silk top that is. I can't stand when things don't let me move, uh!

  2. Artist and fashion assistant, too?! I have never seen such a clear explanation of the elements of a blouse. Thanks for the tutorial. I will be a smarter shopper. Now I understand why all those cheap blouses don't fit. So glad Erika (virtually) introduced us.


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