Bermuda Biangle Print

Its here! Bermuda Biangle is a print. Small all the way up to huge (48x60 inches).

*You can still use "thatswhatshesaid" to get 15% off of prints.
*What do you think of my "in progress" new website?
*Jane's wedding went off without a hitch. Even my toast, which I was crazy nervous about. Why? Well, because I curse like a sailor when I am nervous. Normally I curse like a pirate.


  1. LOVE the new layout, simple and perfect. That is always a little nerve racking switching things up. But progress is fun! to shop some prints!

    1. Thank you! It is totally nerve racking, whew. Glad its over. I tend to edit..then edit, then edit...

  2. Great new layout - bigger pictures of all the art - love it.
    Please, please, pretty please, make prints available of "Oh, I do like you" - it's my all time favourite piece.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jane from Australia

    1. I would love to make a print of that one darling! But I can't :( I have it to my gallery, and they don't like when I give them originals that have prints to them. I promise something similar will pop up someday :)


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