Saturday, June 14

Ashley Westrich Wedding with my Wise Math painting

So like two years or so ago, a graphic designer named Ashley Westrich contacted because she wanted to use my Wise Math painting for her wedding invites. I said sure thang, she made super pretty invites and collateral for her super cute wedding, pictures were taken then New York Magazine Weddings picked it up, and now I am blogging about it. Circle of life friends. 

The rest of the wedding is super pretty too! Love her dress, and the table settings too. How cute are they!

I wanna go! pouty face.

Beautiful dress, looks like she chose the perfect silhouette for her shape and style. I can see from this pic that she chose the Wyeth Hotel to get ready, loooove that wall paper.

I officially need to get my mitts on a gold cake now! Also three piece suit, way to go Mr. husband. Also also, that bought has anemones in it: bonkers. Thank you Ashley for doing Wise Math proud, thank you for being such a great client, and for keeping up with me and showing me how your wedding turned out!


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  2. Every detail is stunning...that dress(!!!), the place settings, the gold cake!!! The dress is exquisite, the beading is gorgeous. Wow.

  3. Your painting on the invitations is AMAZING-GENIUS! Totally gorgeous.


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