Guest Pooper Re-do

You may have seen some pictures on instagram of our gutted guest bathroom. Its a bathroom that we never really use, but when we have a new human in the house its gonna get constant use. Our 100 year old home was remodeled about ten years ago, during the housing boom and it was done very sloppily. You know that we already changed some of the flow of the house, and pimped our kitchen a little bit. But aside from that and some basic things like installing insulation we haven't done too much. (Well, we updated the facade, and created a deck off of the bedroom, so I guess I lie).

I thought I would show you my ideas that I have for the space, since I kind of like to decide things as I go. I chose 4" white tiles, to be laid in a brick pattern like this because it was like practically free.

My very favorite feature is the blue grout! I saw yellow grout somewhere recently and it really got my wheels spinning. I decided that since this bathroom has no tile accent colors, that I could kick in some  colored grout and it would be playful and fun! I chose Ocean Blue grout from Custom Grout. but of course that might change b/c I haven't actually seeeen it yet.

So, blue grout on the walls, and then very dark grey grout on the floor. I bought these same hex tiles. Also because of how cheap they were: like 3usd a square foot from Floor and Decor. I went to a fancy kitchen and bath place that wanted 13usd for the exact same tile per square foot. C'mon Son!

I had bought an Ikea vanity b/c I thought I had to sacrifice what I wanted for more storage. But then I realized screw it. I wanted a pedestal sink so I bought one, and returned the ikea sink/faucet. You know what? I have learned that I regret decisions that I make because I think its what I am supposed to do. Instead I have decided to do what I want and trust myself. I got a medicine cabinet to go over it. (I have no.freaking.idea why med. cabinets are so expensive. I really don't get it. )

I bought this faucet.

Yeah, I just bought all chrome hardware. I didn't really want to deal with trying to match finishes and all that crap. I like the brass look but its a bit too allovertheplace right now for my taste. 

PS. My dream shower curtain. I can't bring myself to spend this, but dude! Where else am I gonna be able to use this fabric? I am like yearning for it! I should probably use it somewhere when I don't need 3 yards of that shit. Dayum, that is expensive! The price has gone up at Just Scandinavian too :(

Tile is happening today! They assure me that the bathroom will be finished by Friday but I don't believe that! They will have to put back the pooper and the sink and all that noise. We are having a party for O's 40th on Saturday, and I suspect that our friends will be peeing all over the place in our bathroom. It will be like college again I guess. Why does everything have to happen all at once? There is never a convenient time to do a remodel at your house, its just a freaking mess! But its worth it for the end result. I am just dreaming of the day when it is all done, and clean and I get to just bask in the glory of many good decisions. Send me positive energy though cuz lordy I need to just be at the beach right now!


  1. Love all your choices. I just went through the same thing in our upstairs bath. It's finally done and well worth the trouble. I am the mother of 2 adopted children. Is this an avenue you are considering? Good vibes going your way. xo

  2. Have faith in your contractor. The tile will take longer than anything. Installing fixtures is quick. I'm excited for you!

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