Monday, August 4

I fired someone // Haz-mat Suits // Pretty Tile

This weekend was a giant re-set after we decided that we had had enough of the remodel (tile guy) and we just stopped everything. In total we revamped our front porch, built a kitchen peninsula, gut and remodeled the hall bathroom and gut and partially finished remodeling the master bath. There was a massive, toxic amount of black mold in the master b/c the brilliant fuckers who remodeled it ten years ago put tile over sheetrock. In the shower. Thats it. Thank goodness I had a feeling that this was going to be the case and insisted that we pursue this remodel even though we both really weren't looking forward to what we would find. Its been so expensive. Sob. But could you imagine doing this with an infant in the house? I mean, haz-mat suits were employed!

Yup, our master bath is not finished and our tile guy is not coming back. I just couldn't take it for another second. The dust! The constant noise! Constant questions, mistakes, things breaking, the mess! Not to mention I kept making tile man re-do his work because he didn't seem to understand my direction. After a while I realized that he wouldn't ever pay attention to my direction, no matter how I explained it to him. So. He fired. My stress level is so much lower now.

I returned the white penny tile that I bought because I realized how very hard it is to install, and I was doubtful that I would find a person who would install it with the attention to spacing that I require. I picked up some marble hex tile. Honed. Carrara Bianco. Its nice. As soon as I got it home I realized aint no way in hell I am giving it to that effing tile guy. It was more than I wanted to spend. Have you gotten to the point in the remodel where you keep spending? And its kinda funny how expensive things are? I am there. Cuz you gotta finish. The picture up there shows it with dark grout. Thats how I like it, so you can see the hex pattern clearly.

Best. Decision. Ever. Its so important to listen to your gut! Instead of just plowing ahead and finishing our remodel in time, and then having the glorious "now we are finally finished" climax. I decided to just reboot. I was so distracted with it! It was so much work! I did what I could and now its time to just get organized and start over. O and I are taking our time and hiring a very competent tile artisan. We are used to having one bathroom now. Its like when we lived in Brooklyn. Fun.....ish.

It was so nice this morning knowing that I didn't have to deal with anyone in my house! I slept in my own bed, in my own room! This is going to be a good week!


  1. So proud of you! Wish I could send you my tile man who is such a perfectionist he was making me crazy but our finished job is the best in all the land!!!! :) It's so hard to find people that take pride in their work anymore.

  2. Oh I love the marble hex tile! I am meticulous when it comes to pretty details (details so matter!), so I totally understand what you're going through. Hope you fine the right tile person :) xx

  3. My brain kinda froze up at "infant in the house." I haven't read your blog in the while, so don't want to read too much into it.... but still, could be great news!


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