Paintings, do you want free shipping or a discount?

Just getting paintings ready today, and cleaning up the studio. We bought a small, great new camera for the studio so that I can take my beloved Nikon home with me more often and it has turned out to be such a great move! I think from now on we are going to shoot the paintings outside in the sunlight. This way there is just no doubt at all what the colors look like. Not that we had any problems before, but I always like to put myself in the position of the buyer and think about what I would like to see to give me confidence in making a purchase. You know?

Some of these are for my store, some are for Chairish, and some are for Gregg.

Also, I do free shipping sales once a year, and I also do a deeper discount sale once a year. So which do you like better? Free shipping (you could save like 400 bucks on shipping a huge painting) or do you want like 30% off?


  1. I am not buying a painting ( I wish ) so I probably shouldn't comment shipping is a much better deal. That is, unless you plan to personally pick up your treasure!

  2. Looking fabulous so far. Love the colors.
    Interior Design

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