Tuesday, July 21

Greece is the word

Blogging is dying isn't it? Unless you have a "professional" blog. I prefer instagraming now-a-days and also who has the patience to get onto a computer to make a comment? Thats how I know no one will comment here :( But at least we can still chat on instagram right? I wonder what will come after, like looking on instagram will take too long or something. Hm.

Anyway, I am planning a trip to Greece for September, to travel with friends and go to another friend's wedding in Santorini! I am so excited, although I am very sad about leaving Alia at grandma's for two weeks. TWO WEEKS!! without my sweet, giggly, cuddly, playful baby. Oh boy I am getting tight in the chest just thinking about it! Wanna see the airbnb we booked for Crete? Sure you do.

We are getting to travel with dear friends who moved to DC last year. They used to live just a few houses down. Tear. We miss them so much, but its like they never moved in our hearts, so we just can't wait to hang out together, talk about everything and laugh together. Is there anything better than being with kindred spirits? Nope.


  1. Well...I just wrote a comment and then when I went to publish and signed in to Google, my comment disappeared...maybe that's why no one's commenting?? Here goes again :)

    Is blogging dying? I'm not much of a writer so IG works for me ;) Good for you for taking time away from your baby (although she really is adorable) ... I know so many women who don't take time away from their kids, not so much because they can't but because they worry about what other people think. I am guilty of caring too much about what others think but have finally gotten over it! I have realized that some time away here and there makes me a better mother and gives me a deeper appreciation for my family. Yes, I still hear some snarky 'she's going away again?!' comments but I'm letting them roll off my back...I'm doing what is best for me and my family so who cares what they say!
    Greece...on my list...has been forever. Have an amazing trip! The place looks fantastic! I'm using AirBnB in Vancouver in September for the first time...hope it works out well :)

    1. Yes, its always a pain in the ass to post a comment, no matter what I do to try to make it easier, it just sucks :( My kind of blogging is dying, big blogs that have regular postings and aren't so personal don't seem to be dying. But I find them less and less engaging you know? I miss the good old days of real personal stories and less sponsored shit.

      I also know women who don't take time away from their kids. I try not to judge them b/c I think people judge each other too much in general, especially women. No matter what you do, you get judged by someone. So I just don't even think about it honestly. But I have grown up a Spanish speaking, non religious, liberal minded artist in the suburban south. So I am super used to being looked at with the side eye, I almost feel like I am doing something wrong if I don't have someone telling me I will go to hell or whatever. You know? Plus I know from basic experience that most people judge and make snarky comments more b/c of how they feel about themselves and much less about anything you are doing. I bet they all secretly wish they could take time away from their kids but can't b/c then all of their judgey friends would be snarky to them. hahaha! Also whenever something like this comes up I always think about motherhood over the whole world, and how every culture, time in history and group of people have their own ideas of the ideal family, mother, woman and so forth. All sorts of methods work, I truly hope I never become so myopic that I can't remember that for myself or for mothers I see around me.

    2. For sure...the big shiny blogs can seem great at first but then yes I get sick of being sold to, I miss the personal stories as well.
      I hear ya on being judged...I grew up in a small town and then on a dairy/ chicken farm. Now I am a vegetarian and an artist - my family doesn't know what to make of me!
      I hope I'm not judgemental either. I have so much respect for the mothering qualities that I see in my friends, especially the qualities I don't possess myself. We are all just different and wouldn't life be boring if we weren't?!

  2. Love your blog...please don't stop writing. Enjoy every minute of Greece and do not feel guilty. It's good for both you and baby!!!


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