New Paintings, I have been working so much

I am on a freak streak about painting right now. My goal is to move as few empty canvases as possible to my new place. Lets see how this goes!

48x48 Believe So. I love a masculine, messy painting man.

48x48 Sway Her, Ink, soft pastel, acrylic and graphite on silk dupioni. Remember the curtains I had in my living room? Thats one of them right there.

Adolphus, 36x72. Can I tell you I am loving this size so much, its a great shape. You can go horizontal or vertically, so great potential for moving around your home. I always consider that when I buy art, it has to be something so interesting to me that I would want to hang it anywhere.

Agean 36x72. These two are so in love. They just have to be together all the time.

 Three Hundred and Fifty Years 30x36. 

Who Wouldn't? 40x50. 

Mr. Blue Sky 36x48

Turn and Slide 30x33

Neutron 30x33


  1. Your style is really evolving! I really admire how much you are creating while having an infant at home. I studied painting in college and have only painted intermittently since I became a mom. I don't know how you manage it all!

  2. I really love the solid shapes and colors in these. Beautiful work!


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