Monday, July 6

50% off spring loot at Totokaelo

Mmmm, if only they had my size in anything I liked, bummers. One of my fave boutiques, so artful, and always perfectly edited (they say that in Lucky magazine, so I know it sounds "fashiony,") ok.

Speaking of shopping, I bought a bathing suite, online, and it fit! I know, crazy. I realized that it was a necessity after I wore my very old one to the lake at my parent's house...and it barely stayed on. I was inspired by the deep green color of "their" lake, Santeetlah, and got the pine jersey number from JCrew.

While I was on the site, I decided to do some winter shopping, and got this sweater, what a deal! I am also tempted by this little number...It is a good time to stock up on some winter things because fall things are coming out this month, I know crazy, but they start coming out in July. Especially crazy in Georgia b/c it is still hot on Halloween, usually...also distracting me is this...
must. move away from computer....


Yay! Your gonna reach out to me! I am so excited. I have tried to make commenting here easy for both of us. So please try your hardest to read the squiggly letters so I can chat with you.

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