Tuesday, July 21

My new love

Ok, I just wrote you this big, long post, all about leaky roofs and left over linen...wtf? booooooring. Instead, let me tell you about my new love affair, yes, LOVE affair. I am having a heated, sordid, can't keep my eyes off of him tryst, I am flat out cheating on O with....greeeeen, sigh. Not just any green mind you, nineties acid green can go home and take a cold shower, pea green can take a long walk off a short pier, mint green can...well mint green can be persistent, I am sure I will cave in to him sometime. No, my love is for deep, saturated, intense, smoldering, silky, algae green. Well, boarding on alpine Forest green, or exotic succulent green, you know what I mean, right? I want to wrap myself in it, I want to use every bit of it in my oil paint tube (note to self, buy more green oil paint), I want to wear it every day, but mostly, I want to paint the paneling in my dinning room with it's soothing, yet stirring self.

Both images by Mikkel Vang

Via Abbey


  1. Oooh,
    Nice! Like your swimsuit from J.Crew!

  2. I'm hearing you, girl. Yesterday, I saw a shade of green fingernail polish that had me drooling. It's the very same green!

  3. i'm totally with you on this- also loving a super-dark sort of blue-green algae colour for interiors.

  4. I love my swimsuit too~ I can't believe how long I used my old one, granted, it was a cute one, but dude, a girl needs a new nearly naked suit every decade or so.

  5. AnonymousJuly 27, 2009

    anthropologie has that same shade in the latte bowls. only 5.00 a bowl. you could get a cheap fix!

  6. Beautiful pictures...
    thanks for sharing....

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