Thursday, July 2

Ya'll seen this?

I am always shouting from the rooftops about re purposing things and trolling Craigslist like a...troll, but these people put me to shame. We have been here almost two months, and we just got the lawn mower out of the dining room! Damn. Via Decorno.

I am, however narrowing down a blue, I have decided to go with a lighter, but still sexy blue. The dark was too much of a commitment for me right now... I mean this past year I got married and bought a house, shit, dark paint was just too much for me. I am taking Ryan Korban's flat as an inspiration, blue walls, gray silk curtains, chrome, red, oriental rugs...this I can handle.

p.s This morning, after a few weeks of a avoiding the poop roll, and generally keeping out of trouble, Coco decided to dig up something dead, and you guessed it, roll around in it. All I am saying is thank gawd O was around...that dog.


  1. "...shit, dark paint was just too much for me..."
    I hear you sister!
    Don't be so hard on yourself about decorating your home.It takes time. It's always a work in progress.I say this to you as a fellow husband really does most of the work...we still have boxes in our guest room we haven't unpacked-we've been in our place for 2 years!

  2. That blue room is hawt! (that's my new favorite term that I picked up from another blogger) Hawt!

  3. Oh my god. Are you kidding me with that refrigerator and the stairway?! I am in love! And they did it all so cheaply. GORGEOUS!

  4. I had not seen this...thanks for sharing. These rooms are absolutely gorgeous...that staircase is incredible!

  5. I blogged earlier today about the same little cottage!! It is so cute.

  6. I saw this over on Leigh's blog and am happy to find it here, as well. I'm so blown away by this couple and their sense of style. That fridge?! Damn, it's perfect.

    I can't wait to own a house, someday ...

  7. Green is my fav color! And I love the green fridge!

  8. This cracks me up! (the same part Jennifer "lol"-ed) and the part about the lawn mower...!

    these images are gorgeous. I'm in love with those shades of green... and I'm always a sucker for old prints/etchings like the ones found on the wall near the fridge. lovely!

  9. These colors are absolutely cozy and soothing.

  10. beautiful........I almost dies when I saw that mint green paint...LOVE's one of my fav. colors : )


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