Buy My prints on One Kings Lane

 Hey! You can buy prints of three of my favorite paintings on One Kings Lane today! They are very well priced to have a spitting image, canvas wrapped on gallery style frame of an original painting!

The sale lasts for 72 hours so jump on it! See them here. Thank you so much OKL, did you know I lust after you? Especially your rugs...actually now that I am thinking about it, I better go get some hot art for myself!


  1. Alright. You are officially on fire. Congrats, Michelle, that is just too awesome!

  2. successful artist and businesswoman...motivating to see you manage both so well! Congratulations

  3. I have been DYING for that and missed it! Are you ever doing a sale again on One Kings Lane or another site? LOVE YOUR WORK and I lust after it all the time.

  4. Sarah, oh poo! I will be selling some of those as prints on canvas in a few months, all is not lost :)


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