Tuesday, October 2

Cozy: Comfort

Now that O and I have decided to stay in our home for a while longer, I am working on making it more cozy. This is a learning process for me! I have to find the perfect balance (for me) between cluttered and spare to equal my version of cozy.

What makes a space cozy? I like to think less of the space, and feel it instead. So for me, coziness is about a certain kind of sensuality. Comfort, layers, ethnic patterns, something glossy and graphic, patina and most of all: memories of good times. Lets not forget a delicate, nostalgic scent on the air, birds chirping outside the window, soft music, and dappled sunlight, or soft lighting at night.

I think about coziness so much, that I though we could chat about each part.

Lets start with...

Every place to sit or rest must be super soft, supportive and restful. For me that means a place to put up my feet, a blanket within easy reach, and plenty of down pillows around to pick and choose from. Also a place to put a drink, and a nice texture under my bare feet.

Next up: layers, pattern, scent, lighting, and of course memories! I have so many house projects to share with you: reno, new lamps, new rug, hanging art (been here three years...just now hanging more than two pieces of art.) Stay tuned weirdoes.

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  1. I have to have blankets on hand at all times, too. My couch happens to be so cozy that everyone who sits on it wants to curl up and take a nap. It's pretty awesome!


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