I like the way you work it...hot diggity

My latest commission. This is the biggest one yet, 65x75 inches, or something like that, can't remember exactly. I have been working on this for evah! The simpler the composition, when it involves smaller brush stokes, the longer it takes.

In other news:

1. I dreamed last night that I had to perform a song on TV, and so I was picking out shoes to wear in my sister's closet when I realized that I don't sing, and I don't know any songs.

2. I am painting like mad for a show at Stellars Gallery in February, the 8th if anyone is in Ponte Vedra beach at that time. Would love to see you.

3. I got an Ipad mini for Christmas and it has changed my life. Mostly because I can see recipes so easily in the kitchen, and also for digital magazines, and for pinterest in bed, and checking my email on the toilet. Its pretty amazing.


  1. This one's got a great depth of field. I like the contrast of the softness of the runs/drips in relation of the bits floating on top. Very nice!

  2. I got my first iPad this Christmas also, and I feel the exact same same way! I have a Macbook and an iPhone, so I'd been putting off getting an iPad because it felt excessive, and I wasn't sure I *needed* one in addition to all that...but I was obviously so, so wrong. It's unnecessary in the best possible of ways.

    Ps. LOVE the painting. As usual! I don't think you ever do anything I don't like.

  3. Beautiful! I love this new painting.

  4. This commission is absolutely gorgeous! You do pinks so well. Wish I was going to be in Florida for your Stellars show-- I'm from Jacksonville and very familiar with Stellers. I'm sure the show will be phenomenal-- you're showing with some a couple of my favorite Florida artists, Christina Foard & Shawn Meharg.

    PS-- I too, got my first iPad for Christmas and I'm completely in love with it. I'm lame and don't have an iPhone, but after falling hard for my iPad, now I'm hoping for an iPhone for my birthday! ;-) Have you seen the under the counter iPad holders for the kitchen?! Genius for referencing recipes.

  5. you crack me up. with every post I read I think I like you more. :)

  6. please stand next to this painting so i can appreciate the HUGENESS!!! i am 6'1" and this painting is MY size, yes? amazing how you keep scale with the markings at such a size. what a talent you have!

  7. Congrats on your show in PV! We drove by the gallery last summer and could see one of your paintings from the road (we bought one of yours from Bennett Street last Jan so we can recognize your work anywhere). We turned around and walked into the gallery just to tell them that we loved your work and were happy to see it in such a prominent location in the gallery.

    1. Susan, thank you for your sweet comment! I really appreciate it! Also super glad you love your painting, which one do you have?

  8. Lookin good!


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