Monday, January 26

Elizabeth Suzann

Elizabeth being chic. I mean really.

I am sure you have seen Elizabeth's clothes pinned or on blogs or you probably already know about her beautiful, simple and elegant store but just in case you don't... Allow me to introduce you.

Elizabeth makes beautiful clothing out of her studio in Nashville, TN. I love that this powerhouse of creativity is another southern lady, but I digress. She chooses simple, elegant fabrics for the texture, drape and subtle color and creates timeless and perfectly cut silhouettes that I can't get enough of. Her instagram account is full of inspiration. Also, check out the #elizabethsuzzan on instagram to see even more images of people wearing her gorgeous clothes. Also she has a pinterest here. I love to see what inspires other creative people so I clicked follow right away!

The designer on a recent trip to New York. Now you all know I can get behind that. She is so cute too!
Items are made to order, and can take up to two weeks to ship. I love this model for selling. You can return anything that doesn't work on you for free and get immediate, never expiring store credit. I also like this, because there are so many things I want that I can just loop it right back.

I could totally wrap my head around this being my studio! If my mom had had her way, and I had been into sewing like she is. I chose painting though. High five dad. 
Another thing I love about her shop is the stories section. Beautifully shot editorial style images of beautiful women wearing her clothes in their own individual way.

I personally own the Marlena tank in ivory, and the Georgia T in black silk (its so perfect!) and the Linn Sweater. My wish list includes:

1. Vera Dress

I would like to wear this with a leather belt, like the one used to style the linen dress here.

2. Maxine crop top. Brilliant!

3. Ryan Pants. I love linen pants for summer, its so hot here in Georgia. I just love the cut of these.

4. Elise Shell. This is so perfectly 90's and just fits right into my wardrobe so effortlessly. Its the kind of thing that you just can't seem to ever find.

5. I am also super partial to the Lauren T. I would wear it with something that has a very abstract shape like this, or something very lacy and dramatic like this.

I am going to buy up a bunch of these because they are just too perfect to pass up!

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  1. I don't know if I should love you or hate you for showing me her store...because I want to buy everything. It's not cheap, but priced extremely fairly considering it's all made to order in the US. In fact, the more I think about that it starts to seem pretty inexpensive. And it's all just so beautiful and timeless--I could see wearing those pieces for years.


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