Tuesday, January 13


Did I ever tell you guys that this past summer O and I were supposed to go to Tulum but then they had a crazy hurricane and we decided not to go? We pre-paid our fancy hotel so there was nothing to be done but just learn from our mistake (book through Amex! get travel insurance! Don't trust in your good luck during the rainy season!). Well it turned out that they were able to sell a few of our nights that we didn't take so we re-scheduled for earlier this month. Alia went to spa grandparents, and we had a luscious vacay all to ourselves.

View from the temple of the Mayan ruins. Mayans were some real bad asses.

I love the textures of the shore.

I want to run in right now!

View from the outdoor shower. My new happy place.

It. Was. Heaven. Originally when we planned the first trip we were going to go adventuring all over the place because we had a whole week to explore. Our recent trip was just a few nights, so we didn't stray far from the perfect beach but it was still amazing. I love Mexico so much. I love the people, they are warm, hard working and genuine. I love the art! Culture! History! Nature! Food! Also it is the perfect place for O to practice his Spanish. Mexican Spanish is beautifully enunciated, very easy to understand and much slower than Spain Spanish, which he just couldn't get no matter how hard he tried.

Piña Colada. Ah! Why am I not there right now!

It was so hard to capture the color of the water. It was so stunning and the waves were so much fun to play in. 

We stayed at Encantada Tulum and I would recommend it to anyone. It was perfect waking up to the breeze off of the ocean, and the sounds of the waves, the bright starlight every night, the delicious food, long walks along the beautiful water and countless mezcal margaritas. We did yoga on our perfectly situation little terrace, we drank fresh watermelon juice on the beach, we had long dinners by candlelight and ocean breeze, we explored the town and I didn't buy any textiles no matter how badly I wanted them (remember our resolution to save money? sob).

Lunch on the beach! 

sunrise on a cloudy morning

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