Monday, March 16

Sun! Where are you?

Ok, so my hypothalamus has shrunk, dangerously, as it tends to do when we don't get sun for dayyyayayays on end. Today...rain, all day, again! Bah Humbug say I...Damn Earth and it's weather patterns and needs, what about my needs, huh Earth? Anyway, since I can't have real sun, I am basking in this less real, but just as happy sun by Jeanie Nelson, and check out her little letter pressed sun note cards, devine. via Black Eiffel. Sorry to give you a "via" on our fist day of this miserable, rainy, gray week...but my brain, she is melting, ok.


Yay! Your gonna reach out to me! I am so excited. I have tried to make commenting here easy for both of us. So please try your hardest to read the squiggly letters so I can chat with you.

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