Thursday, June 11

Brain Mares

Arrg, both O and I had nightmares last night, and I have an ear infection, on both ears, seriously, how old am I??? Maybe when I get the bedroom all nice and blued-up, it will keep nightmares away, isn't blue supposed to do that? Does anyone know about this? I was told if you imagine blue, and keep your mind on that, it helps with bad dreams. I don't have them often enough to really have ever tried it.

Usually when I am in the middle of a bad dream, I get pissed off, and start having super powers and blowing all the bad people up with eye lasers and I can fly and The problem with this is, when in real life, people piss me off, the first thing that comes to mind is "I am going to eye laser you!" but it doesn't work. So I will them to get violent diarrhea from the depths of my mind. It hasn't worked yet, that I know of...The power of silent suggestion is quite powerful, don't you think.

Henry Fuseli


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