Wednesday, April 28

Classy way to flip you off

Yes please, one of each. This kind of jewelry makes me sing a little song and do a little chair dance, involving lots of arm squiggles and butt scootches. Via Jennifer, that girl's taste is ballen (I am taking a little apostrophe strike, so there, deal with it).


  1. these are good...great title...

  2. These most certainly are a classy way to flip people off. I wonder how difficult it is to make something like this?

    I'd like to this chair dance. Vlog?


  3. Thanks Michelle for the sweet mention, and of course posting about Deb's work. I sent her the link, so she can check out your great blog.
    I think the title of this post is gonna crack her up.

  4. Beautiful! Those are wonderful items.
    Have a pleasant day!

  5. That's really pretty (necklace)!


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