Wednesday, April 7

shopping by not shopping

I spent most of yesterday morning online shopping. It sounds so lush doesn't it! But no, this is how I shop, I make a list then, go online and use sites like Guilt and Rue La La for specific items, like this Tucker dress I got yesterday, and sites like shopstyle to find jeans, and cardigans on major sale. I wish I had a cozy cardigan when it gets cold, but they are so expensive! Theory, on sale. From Barny's they have great sales.
I also love Revolve cuz they have so much selection, and great customer service, not to mention free shipping and returns. Oh, and for t-shirts, Alternative Apparel, nice and soft. They do take a really long time for returns though.

this t-shirt is soo soft and slouchy, I always go for it.

Why am I telling you this? Well, cuz I hate shopping. Let me restate that, shopping is the biggest waste of time I can think of. The driving, the limited selection, the BO smelling dressing rooms with terrible lighting, even at the big malls (I just puked a little...) I always end up returning most of what I buy online, but I can't figure out another way of doing it. How do you do it? How do you stay fashionable and keep yourself in styles that flatter your body (for me fitted in the waist, hello 40's fashion,) without

Sevens, from Revolve, free shipping, and return shipping, the best way to buy jeans.

Did you know Zappos sells jeans? I was happy to learn that, because Paige is my favorite brand, but not too many place sell them. Also, Paige's customer service is awful! I hate using their website, I avoid it at all costs.

Oh dear, how do you shop? Do you have any sage advice?


  1. to be honest with you, I hate shopping, too. So when I do have to brave it, I keep it simple. Only a few places. No malls. I hate going to the mall. I shop discount stores like TJ Maxx. I also refuse to do returns. I hate returning stuff. So I MAKE myself try everything on before buying, no matter what.

  2. When I do have time to shop a B&M store (rare), I'm usually going for something specific- like Madewell Jeans.
    I do have one tried and true source: J.Crew. I feel pretty comfortable buying online for shoes and clothing-the fit is pretty consistent.
    I also love,love Beklina for Mociun and Lina Rennell pieces (you can usually find coupon codes online).
    Otherwise, I like to shop the occasional small designer site or Etsy store for handmade pieces. Totokaelo is another website that has great bi-annual sales.
    I am kind of an emotional shopper, and branch out into new designers every year. This year it's Isabel Marant. I always try to buy items on sale, but sometimes pay full price if a particular item is selling quickly. I also make my own clothes :)


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