Wednesday, April 14

Purdy rocks

I have a weakness for pretty rocks. The biggest decorating element in my home is rocks, stones, limbs, shells and moss. I guess it makes sense, in elementary school, when we had recess, I would walk around the playground muttering to myself like I was a documentarion explaining about how rare this clump of weeds and mud was.


  1. We are cut from the same cloth. I've got sticks, rocks, and even bones all around this place. I love your fabulous blue rock. Somewhere I have a couple of bookends that the ginger-colored cousins of your blue beauty.

  2. totally agree--love that gorgeous blue rock!

  3. That is so gorgeous! I have a (trendy) amethyst crystal votive slab that I love, its sitting right next to me right now!

  4. That color and grain is crazy gorgeous beautiful! I seem to share your affliction for organic detritus. ;0)

  5. Very Purdy indeed.
    When I was out in the San Frasisco/Napa area we stopped by the Petrified forest and picked up two pieces similar to this. Can't wait to unpack and display them somewhere!

  6. The most beautiful rock I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing.


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