Monday, September 12

Australia Painting

This is a commission I painted for a client in Australia, it is a 30x30 size. I sent it to her un-stretched, rolled in a tube; this way she paid only 50usd for shipping (to send something this size, stretched onto a frame to Australia from the US would cost many hundreds of dollars.) Her handy boyfriend attached the canvas to a frame himself! 

I painted lots of extra inches around the edges, so it was easy to get a clean look, with the edges looking like an extension of the painting, wrapping around to the back; easy! The paint is not harmed at all by doing this. Isn't this the cutest office? This is where magic happens.


  1. OK, so now I know someone else has done it (received a canvas un-stretched), there's nada holding me back from getting one to Brazil!!

  2. Your art is lovely! I especially adore the colouring of this painting- it's fab!


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