Wednesday, September 28

Ben Pentreath

Perfect blend of prints, texture. So cozy. Just feast your eyes if you please. Meanwhile, I will be working my patooty off. I orated for O all I had to do this month and his mouth fell open. He told me I was being crazy, this coming from a man with endless, bounding energy who works all day, works out, does his honey do list, and cleans the kitchen just cuz, and finds the time to be my business coach. I will just take more rests throughout the day, and still get everything done. That is my plan, and also just pretend I am sitting in this living room by a toasty fire. Or, as my very pregnant friend Ruth said to me the other day: "Birth plan? What birth plan. I am just going to listen to some Eminem and tell myself I can totally do this thing!"

I have already subscribed to and stalked all of the archives of Ben Pentreath's blog, and shop. Via Katy Elliot.


  1. OMG, that second shot is killing me! KILLING ME! I will be reposting this. Thanks for the introduction, Michelle. Now when are we going to see snapshots of your killer new pieces in situ???

  2. Damn, each image is better than the next...gorgeousness.

  3. Your friend Ruth sounds A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. I even read it aloud to my coworker.

    I would love to make one of those huge ottoman / coffee table type things one of these days.

    Good luck on your to-do list. Gitterdone!

  4. My birth plan was the epidural. But hot damn how I wish I woulda thought of working in some Tupac.


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