Tuesday, September 13

Studio Assistant

Listen up world, I need a studio assistant. A nice person who will work hourly, about 10-15 hours a week. They must know PhotoShop, be competent with a camera, Google docs, social media and be willing to learn all kinds of malarky; I have big plans, and need someone flexible and excited to work on new things.

This person must be self starting, go getting, trust worthy, detail oriented, and willing to have impromptu dance parties. Are you interested? If so, then please email me your resume, or list of qualifications, and we can take it from there. armas(dot)design@gmail.com


  1. Dang it, Tasmania is a tad too far to commute. Also, I'd have to tell a fib about being competent on photoshop :)

  2. Can I telecommute from Brooklyn? Just catching up around here and love the new commission policies. You've inspired me to get a little more stringent with my own. The work is lookin' GOOD, girl.


  3. . . .Sad I'm not closer!!! AZ is a bit of a far commute. :)

  4. Damn, girl. Make the rest of us jealous, why don't you!?

  5. Ummm. Yes.

    Nevermind...I forgot I have a full dance card.

    Linda@Lime in the coconut


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