Tuesday, September 6

Nimrod Wildfire

Hmm, what do I have to tell you today? Today is the first day I don't want to cry from the heat, on account of it being rainy and misty and cozy; look for leather boots online! My latest painting, well sort of. It might be bought by a store, if not, then it will show up in the shop! Speaking of which,  am making a few changes to my policies here soon, the way I do commissions and run the shop. This is fun! There will be a detailed post about those changes coming soon.

I am trying not to eat carbs, which means I dreamed that an eclair asked me to dance at a ball, and I put my hands through it's yummy cream center on accident. I killed it, and I was too horrified to eat it. Can you imagine! Eating a giant eclair that you just killed at a ball on the dance floor!! While everyone looks on in disgust. I guess it means I am a prude, damn shame.


  1. No carb's sucks-ass. I've been off for like 3 weeks now. Thank god whipped cream is low carb. It's been my sweet tooth savior.

  2. Go have a cookie, it will make you feel better. Trust me. :0)

  3. You could have at least attempted a little CPR. Come on.

  4. This painting reminds me of a strawberry. I think every painting is better than the last. I love this one.

    Lame on the no carbs. I just cut gluten out of my diet so feel similarly, though I can still have other carbs and all the dairy I desire... so no eclair dreams for me most like. Though I already know I am a prude!

  5. I've been off carbs for months now. But last weekend, ate several carby yummy goodies. Well, now I'm jonesin for every bad evil carb imaginable. I broke down about an hour ago and stuffed 2 handfuls of Stacy's pita chips in my mouth. Mmmm. So wonderfully evil.

  6. Lol @ the eclair! I'm off grains and sugar and have I think we have a parallel dream life, except yours is more awesome.

    The other night I dreamed I got busted for crack. I've never even been in the presence of crack. What could this mean?


  7. LOL..that is the funniest description if a such a beautiful paintin I have ever heard.. It really makes me laugh out loud.. the painting is gorgoues by the way.. and well yes i agree.. go get a cookie.. :)

  8. very interesting painting and such a funny story about killing the eclair. Your imagination is wild.


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