Jewelry Obsession

I am so inspired by Jewelry, I just can even express how much I love it. Here are a few things that have caught my eye...



I sure do wish I had the patience to search for great vintage things. I don't, no lie. These are a few of my favorite designers:


All for the Mountain:

A Peace Treaty


(I have this one, and I love it so much, reminds me of a Gaudi building)

Anndra Neen


A few places to get inspired:
here, my own jewel faves, Totokaelo is my go-to, Erie Basin, 

Ok, so I shared my loves, do you have any one designer, or store you go to for your favorite jewelry? I am dying to know your secret sources!!


  1. Anthropology and J. Crew! Love rocking the gold lately!

  2. i want them all! you have a great eye for jewelry :)

  3. Come on, fess up, this post is really meant for Osh. I'll chime in just in case he's reading...get your beautiful wife some sparkle!


    xoxo- Happy Love Day, Michelle!

  4. Okay, the irony. My word verification is "sucker!"

  5. I've bought a lot of pieces from a great antique store in my town. I found a vintage Yves St. Laurent necklace that is even signed? I wear it all the time. Your taste is a lot like mine. I like the big, bold pieces.

  6. Why the hell did I put a ? where a ! was supposed to go?

  7. I have my eye on this ring

  8. I like Youngblood in the good ol' ATL a lot - lots of fun indie-designed pieces!


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