Friday, February 20

One more Friday...

It is cold here today, so while I was sipping my rapidly cooling coffee I was brousing flickr for some pretty photos that made me feel warm....warmer. I love these polaroids. O gave me a polaroid camera when we first met, 6 years ago b/c I kept talking about how much I loved polaroids. We had a whole wall of them at one point. These are just stunning. 
photos by + Macos+'s 


  1. These imgaes are beautiful! (And i LOVE your new banner!!)

    It's freezing here, too. urgh...

  2. Thanks for sharing those uplifting images, art (in any form) always makes me look at the world with appreciation. =)

    Cold here too...=/

  3. I live in Cleveland so cold is just a given. I love these images. Can you still buy polaroid cameras? I sure would love to own one.

  4. Christina, yes you can buy them! You can also buy the film at amazon and on the web.

  5. wheeeeeeeee! another friday!!! wheeeeeee! and hopefully it gets warmer for you soon.

  6. What lovely images! I really needed to get the warm fuzzy feeling as we have a TOTAL snowstorm here in Sweden! Thank you for posting on my blog. May I add you to my favourites?



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