Wednesday, July 21

Blue Grass cloth + Art = Chin scratch

 As I contemplate how the bedroom should evolve, I am drawn to blue grass cloth. I intend to add moulding to the walls all around the bedroom, b/c it is a large room, and needs a little sass. Anyway....loving the large photographs on blue grass cloth. Very chic.


  1. Very Nice Paintings.. I like the Blue Grass cloth! it's very artistic and elegant for any rooms specially identical rooms like yours. thanks for sharing your art works and keep up the good work!

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  3. Agree with Paula - tré chic!

  4. the rooms remind me of "mad men" style. love it.

  5. Francisco Costa & The Spades! Nice!
    My mother in law has put together such a nice home in Denver over the, and the images on your blog have inspired me to start thinking about decorating a bit more.

    You have been busy. Your WIP's look luscious, and I do like that Carpenter fellow's work as well.

    Plus your writing style is always hilarious!


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