Friday, July 16

Here comes the CHOO CHOO

 I am currently taking a little break from home design, my home anyway, I am still addicted, no worries on that front. I just can't stop painting, and I am working on new things, evolving  blah bla blurauug.

But in the back of my mind, my bedroom is evolving, slowly...and blue is coming back, so coming back, Osh didn't even get upset when I mentioned painting over the brown, instead he said, "yeah, I can see that, I can probably imagine the exact blue you want too..." I married the right man folks, the right man.

Various works in various states of progress. YO


  1. Can't wait to see the results. You are on a roll, girl. Paint on.

  2. the first piece is especially beautiful...

  3. loving it can't wait see what it ends up looking like ;)


  4. i am totally digging your new work lady...fantastic!

  5. Okay, DYING to see these pieces. I'm still heartbroken over missing Wise Math. Sigh.

  6. completely and utterly gorgeous. Hope to get one of your creations one day soon!


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