Monday, July 19

Miles Redd

Me: If I were Harry Potter, I would 'ASSIO' this room to me, like right now.

Other Me: Um, don't tell anyone you know the summoning charm form Harry Potter.

Me: Fuck you, me, you are not the boss of me!

Other Me: Hello? Hi there, can I say something, you two are really silly, can we pay attention to the issue at hand? Those walls! That art! The sofa!!! Pure hotness

Me: Both of you go boil your heads, I am going to go hang out in the library with Hermiony.


  1. The self-conversation was hilarious ;)


  2. I hate to point this out {to the owner of that room} but your art would look way better on that wall. Just saying.

    btw. saw a "no soliciting" sign on etsy this morning and thought of you. ;)

  3. Hah! Love Harry Potter almost as much as I love Miles Redd.

  4. HA love the HP reference, I too am a total HP nerd :)

    I also had a conversation with myself on my blog, I find it's very stress relieving.

    PS. Love the room :)


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