Thursday, July 15

My other boyfriend, Zack

I totally agree with every word of this blog post. I want to meet the person who's sense of humor is exactly like mine (and a lot of other people too, lets not forget.)

But I am really here to introduce another unlikely crush, you know him, and I think he is funny as get-out and cute as a bunny sitting at a piano, cracking awkward jokes. Sigh... Oh, don't tell Allan Rickman, he is kinda the jealous type.


  1. Don't tell Alan- he will be pissed!

    Love both Rickman &

    Are you a Sellers fan by any chance?

  2. hehehehe, yes! Sellers, sigh.

  3. Holy crap. Have you watched Youth in Revolt yet? His part isn't huge, but it's perfect.

    My husband cracks up every time he sees the cover of the Hangover. I'm laughing right now just thinking about it.

  4. AnonymousJuly 15, 2010

    I adore him. Have you seen the music video with Fiona Apple? You will love it! I posted it on my blog the other day.

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  6. I meant to say Alan will be pissed in a sexy kind of way...

    Glad to know that my peers have such excellent taste in men!

  7. AHAHAH, Jen, you are tooo funny. Somehow, I knew that is what you meant anyway!

  8. i think he's cute!

    just stumbled across your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! do drop by mine too when you have some time. perhaps we can follow each other. =)


  9. in total agreement with you. Have you seen the Between Two Ferns with Michael Cera? Hysterical. On Funny or Die. Look it up. Actually:


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