Thursday, July 29


I bought this Federalist server from an antique place I learned about on the craig-master several weeks ago. I have a thing for Federal style, big time. It is still empty because I have to re-organize all kind of get-out for it. I had to drive over an hour, and when I finally got there, no one was around to help me load it into my antique-mobile! It was just a little old lady and me, and tons of old stuff as far as the eye could see. THANKFULLY, a boyscout troop leader, and his son were browsing around, (they were the only living souls aside from afore mentioned ancient and myself) and manfully offered to load it up for me. Boy did they earn a badge for that one, this thing is solid mahogany my friends. My back hurt just watching them.


  1. Beautiful! Love the painting too!

  2. Woo Ha! for the boy scouts!

  3. It's just gorgeous! Looks perfect with your piece.

  4. beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

  5. Yay for boy scouts! It looks amazing with your painting and are those tiny wheels I spy? Those little casters get me everytime!


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