Tuesday, September 14

The Carnation Station

 The first flowers O ever gave me were carnations. I was at his house, waiting for him to go to the gas station, or something, and he came back with three half dead looking blue carnations. I admit, I was like "whaaaaaaat?" Alas, he made up for it a few years later when he gave me the most beautiful, fattest, reddest roses I have ever seen for my 25th birthday, ahh, memories. Anyway, I love flowers, and I have even grown to appreciate the humble carnation. Only, of course, when mixed with prettier, fluffier numbers, or bunched together like this. They last forever, and smell nice. These are pink and red, mixed together.


  1. I recently posted about my new fondness for carnations as well. I love them grouped together, and the best part is they're cheap! I am not breaking the bank to have fresh flowers in the house every week.
    Hmmmmm, I think I will have to buy some red ones this week.

  2. So pretty!! It's amazing what a simple vase of flowers can do!!

  3. I love that whole little scene you got going on there. I love the shiny apple and the little crab. And that darling little sachet. I would totally have to pick that up if I were sitting there.

  4. this is sweet. i didn't love carnations either, until i saw some at a bridal shower that had velvet petals. they were so beautiful, i couldn't stop touching them.

  5. We have something in common...my first flowers from my husband were carnations...the only problen were that they were dyed blue..yah we are going with it's the thought that counts on that one. Now I really love carnations as long as they are in their natural state.

    Your roses are very pretty you little youngen..25 is a fabulous age.

  6. Wow, we both got blue carnations from our hubbies? We should start a club.

  7. Awww...so sweet! I love how you've displayed them.


    P.S. I own the same little crabby. :) He's a funny, yet stylish little critter.


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