Friday, September 17

Happy Friday!

Whoohoo, time for some pilates, one of my Friday night rituals, when I am not too blasted from the day, and after a nice glass of wine and some down time with my O, and the puppies.

We have a ritual for Friday nights; a holdover from when we lived in New York, and I would come home late and totally nackered on Fridays. We would order Indian take out, and watch movies and totally veg out, no outside plans. When I got home, O usually had the bath ready for me, sweet man.
What is your end of the week, Friday night ritual?


  1. I'm obviously doing something wrong. My husband walks in & expects a seven-course meal when he arrives on Fridays. Apparently, my working from home on Fridays means I sit around and do nothing all day?

    In related news, I really wish we had an Indian take out place around here... le sigh. Happy Friday!

  2. Those are the cutest photographs ever!!! I'm a hug bath fan. Some might say I'm a bath addict. I stock up on LUSH products every month to support my addiction!!!

  3. Mine would be the same. We stay in Friday nights and eat take out and watch movies. I rarely make it through a whole movie before I am passed out on the couch!

  4. Friday nights means junk night. We make pizza, hamburgers or sometimes fried chicken. We let ourselves be really bad on Friday nights. It's the end of the week treat, and then it's back on the wagon on Saturday.

  5. um, sounds like my perfect friday night. we have a similar routine every week :)

  6. So romantic, you two! We usually have a "listening party", where we pop open a bottle of wine, make dinner & play our favorite or new songs, & veg out. Usually includes a movie, as well, depending on how knackered we are feeling. Cheers!

  7. Hello !!!
    What a nice blog !!
    Thank you sooo much for your comment and I'm so glad I found your blog !!
    On friday's I pamper my family and myself of course to a really nice dinner and a really luxury bath, but that's only for me !!
    Have a nice week,


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