Wednesday, September 15

Master Bathroom

Our Master bathroom is totally functional, but when we moved in, it had awful overhead lighting over an awful mirror, and it was painted yellow. Well, one day, as with the guest bathroom, we will remodel it, and boy oh boy will it be fabulous. Until then, we changed the lighting, and added a medicine cabinet to match the existing vanity. We also painted, something that wouldn't clash with the puke inducing orange tiles. Seriously, was this house remodeled by blind people?

Albion sconces, they are not perfect, but were on such a great sale. I don't mind them now, although when they first went up, I was not so sure. Hehehe, they are huge, aren't they?

Our Sunny Wood cabinet, super roomy and well made. So heavy we had to take the door off for installation. I like having clean counter tops, no stuff to clutter them up.

You can really see the hideous tiles here. We didn't have any towel storage, so we added three chrome hooks, and for continuity in the long, narrow space, a Dash and Albert runner.


  1. maybe the photos are showing something different than real life, but i don't think the tiles are all that bad.
    i did hooks for the towels in our bathroom too. love it!

  2. Ok. Those tiles don't look all that bad in these pics. Maybe its the computer. I bet those sconces make the light really soft and flattering. They're pretty.

  3. Love your sconces - it modernizes the space. You did a great job working with what you have. I need to get better at that!

  4. All of our bathrooms are circa 1968 with { horrible } updates made in the late 80s. Lumpy, frumpy tile everywhere. I don't know that we'll ever actually renovate them (gotta pay for college for 2 kiddos soonish). You've inspired me with your clean-lined sophisticated makeover!

  5. The sconces are so pretty, but I really love the art!

  6. I love what you have done with the space!!...I agree that the tiles don't really seem that bad, but your opinion is what matters since you have to live with it.

    I am assuming that is your artwork?? I love it! Honestly, I love all of your pieces and need at least one in my home....seriously. to look at your pieces again... :)

  7. ahaha it your work? I am a little new to your blog...ahaha and a little confused. :)

  8. I really like the sconces!
    And I've seen way worse tile!
    You've done a great job.


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